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Non-woven wallpaper format 0.53 m

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Non-woven wallpaper, format 1 m

Victoria Stenova

Victoria Stenova team develops wallpaper designs and produces them at leading European and Russian factories. The company strives to bring new ideas to the market for creating modern interiors. Fresh ideas, author's design, innovative approach of the company to the production of wallpaper, developments of the world's leading factories and accumulated many years of experience give the company the opportunity to develop and offer the consumer an exclusive product. Only high quality raw materials are used in the production of Victoria Stenova wallpaper. The company creates a modern, fashionable and high quality product at an optimal price. Victoria Stenova wallpapers are successfully sold in stores throughout Russia and in other countries.

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The company's specialists continuously monitor the market, analyzing current trends, and also take part in the development of the latest technologies in the creation of wallpaper. In addition to the fact that the arsenal has its own design studio, world designers are working on the development of collections, which is why the wallpaper corresponds to the latest trends in interior design. Among them are the leading factories in Europe and Russia, thanks to which the range of collections is presented in various price segments.

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Moscow Wallpaper Factory

Moscow Wallpaper Factory offers high quality wallpaper for wholesale and construction companies.

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